We also have a home in Spain

In the trade relations of our global markets, the fast, flexible and reliable provision of goods is a decisive competitive advantage. This requires the efficient transport logistics of a reliable partner. As an international family transport company which has been active in Europe for more than 30 years we are successful in facing this challenge. We can offer you a wide range of transport solutions in the area of cooled and industrial transport, the paper sector as well as in sea freight as well as logistics solutions and forwarding services individually tailored for your company.


Our Hamburg headquarters are directly in the logistics centre near the free port and have excellent connections to the motorway as well as the nearby option of short or long-term goods storage. We offer you the complete processing of export and import shipping for sea freight. For truck transport we regularly arrange the collection and complete transportation towards southern Europe.

Our key routes are in: Spain-Germany-Spain and Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands and southern France. We also have warehouse space on the entire Iberian peninsula including the Balearics and Canary Islands for the interim storage of your goods. Of course we also take care of any crane structures if required.


We have an affiliate company in the Spanish region of Murcia which is responsible for the transport logistics and further good distribution and also has its own warehouse. We have been working closely with our Spanish partners for many years.


We place a lot of value on a confidential cooperation with our customers, where close collaboration and communication play a very big role. You are provided with advice and support in both our company locations from a competent and professional team individually and in German, Spanish, English or French.